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China's equipment manufacturing industry needs to overcome difficulties before it can "enjoy global fame"

the equipment manufacturing industry has occupied an important position in the whole national economy. After years of development, China has become a "manufacturing power" in the world, but it is still large but not strong. In this year's government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to "enhance the status of made in China in the international division of labor" and "make Chinese equipment famous all over the world". This shows that the current government attaches importance to China's equipment manufacturing industry

although China's equipment manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development driven by domestic investment in previous years, it still lags far behind the world's leading level. In order to achieve the goal of improving its status and gaining global reputation, it is urgent to transform and upgrade, climb the "slope" of the high end of the global value chain, and cross the "ridge" of core technology

China's equipment manufacturing industry is a big industry. From a horizontal perspective, it has many branches and wide service area. It can be used for spaceflight and navigation at the top and ploughing at the bottom; Vertically, any branch is also a complete industrial chain from parts to host products. At present, China's equipment manufacturing industry has encountered some problems in both vertical and horizontal dimensions. The main manifestations are as follows:

first, the vertical development of the industrial chain is uneven, which restricts the upgrading of the industry to the high end. The development status of the branch industrial chain of the equipment manufacturing industry is as follows: a number of leading enterprises have emerged in the main engine enterprises, which have a scale, including tens of billions and hundreds of billions of enterprises, and some even have brands, positions and voice in the world; However, most of the supporting enterprises are entrepreneurial, small and medium-sized enterprises. They are at the bottom of the industrial chain, small in scale, weak in technology, poor in equipment, unable to upgrade themselves, and difficult to support the industry to break through to the high end; The core components with key technologies supporting the main engine have high added value, but most of them have to be purchased from European and American enterprises, which has become a bottleneck restricting the upgrading of the industry to the high end. Taking construction machinery as an example, three Chinese enterprises have entered the top ten in the global construction machinery industry. However, there are thousands of domestic enterprises supporting it, and most of the high-end hydraulic parts, seals, transmission parts, engines and other key parts still rely on imports

second, the horizontal resources of the industrial chain are not shared, which restricts the acceleration of industrial upgrading. For the equipment manufacturing industry, materials, machinery, electrical, hydraulic and other disciplines belong to industry common technologies. The basic research and extended development of these common technologies can benefit all branches of large equipment manufacturing. However, due to the long-standing division of labor, there is a lack of joint research and development and achievement sharing of common technologies. For example, our aerospace industry has reached the forefront of the world, but there is still a considerable gap between our agricultural machinery and the world's high-end agricultural machinery in terms of deep turning and harvesting

in order to break through the above two bottlenecks, the government urgently needs to take action and actively guide the two key areas of vertical core key parts technology and horizontal common technology with the method of market. If we can do so, we will be able to receive the effect of "four Liang" after 107 years of development and innovation. There are two specific suggestions:

first, it is suggested that the state should be market-oriented and establish joint-stock companies for R & D and manufacturing of key parts with enterprises in the form of shares, so as to make up for the shortcomings of the industrial chain vertically. The government uses this market approach to allocate resources and make precise efforts at the key points of the industrial chain. One major advantage of early investment in such equipment that can be folded without any external stimulus is that they can use more materials and more sophisticated structures to enter the big market. A single enterprise is unable to invest and is difficult to obtain a large market, So as to solve the problem that China relies on imports of key components in the equipment manufacturing industry chain

second, it is suggested that the state should formulate preferential policies to encourage and support appropriate enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities to establish cross industry R & D platforms and alliances for key and common technologies, so as to achieve joint creation and sharing of achievements in the equipment manufacturing industry, open up the industrial chain horizontally, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry

according to the practice of industrialized countries such as the United States, the government should give priority to purchasing domestic equipment and products to give strong support to the independent innovation of equipment manufacturing enterprises. The Chinese government should encourage users to give priority to LEGO. LEGO has tried some building blocks with a kind of impact modified polylactic acid, especially the first set of domestic technical equipment. Government procurement can stimulate the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and help to enhance the innovation of equipment manufacturing industry. And established Shandong new material industry association

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