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Epson released a high-precision, small-scale differential output PLL crystal oscillator for high frequencies below 700MHz

differential output PLL crystal oscillator

(sg3225, sg5032, sg7050 from the left)

november14,2013 - Seiko Epson (President: Dui Jingren, hereinafter referred to as Epson) launched a high-precision, small-scale differential output PLL crystal oscillator sg3225/5032/7050 for high frequencies below 700MHz to the market. In this series of products, in addition to the small size of 3.2 2.5mm which can greatly reduce the installation area of customers' electronic equipment, crystal oscillators of 5.03.2mm and 7.05.0mm are also prepared, which are in great demand in the market

in recent years, due to the large capacity and high speed of optical communication, customers pay more and more attention to the high frequency, high precision and low jitter of various electronic components; Moreover, with the miniaturization of the shape represented by the blade server ※ 3 and the changing trend of high-density real installation of the processing system, the requirements for miniaturization are increasing; Moreover, the electronic components used by the small wireless base station set outdoors are required to work normally in a wide range of temperature conditions from low temperature to high temperature

in response to these market requirements, Epson has successfully launched a differential output PLL crystal oscillator by combining a small crystal oscillation unit with high precision and high stable material characteristics with a small phase-locked loop circuit with the best matching design

the frequency tolerance of this product is 20, and the phase jitter is 0.27ps typ. ※ 4. It has high precision and high stability, and realizes a large operating temperature range from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃. The output form adopts lv-pecl and LVDS, which are in strong market demand

as a leading enterprise of quartz components, Epson will continue to provide small, high-precision and high-stability commodities indispensable to electronic equipment and social infrastructure in the future

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* 1 Differential output: a method of outputting frequency signals with opposite polarity. This method can transmit high frequency and has strong anti noise characteristics

*2. PLL: it is the strategy of phase locked loop circuit, which outputs any frequency according to the clock signal of specific frequency

*3. Blade server: refers to a computer server that can be equipped with multiple pluggable sheet servers in the fuselage

*4. It refers to the measured value under the condition that the deviation frequency is 12khz to 20MHz at 156.25mhz under LVDS output

about Epson (China) Co., Ltd.

Epson (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and headquartered in Beijing. It is responsible for the suspension structure of shoulder samples and other responsibilities to cover Epson's investment and business development in China. In may2004, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. became the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China to obtain the qualification of regional headquarters with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of China. At present, Epson has invested more than 746million US dollars (about 4.7 billion yuan) in China, with 13 manufacturing, logistics, sales and R & D institutions and 21094 employees

Epson's business in China mainly includes input and output information products such as printers, scanners, projectors, system equipment, micro components, and industrial robots. Its products have won the love of Chinese consumers for their excellent quality, energy conservation and environmental protection. Based on the Chinese market, Epson has always been in line with the concept of challenge and innovation, and has continuously introduced a series of advanced technologies and application schemes into China, so that Chinese consumers can keep pace with the world and enjoy the perfect experience of innovation technology with the experimental machine adopting the neuron adaptive control system. Epson has continuously contributed to China's environmental protection and education, and is proud to be an excellent Chinese corporate citizen

about Epson

Epson is a world leading innovative enterprise. Its main products include inkjet printers and printing systems, 3lcd projectors, industrial robots, sensors and micro components. Epson, based on provincial, small and refined technology, will have more factories in the future across the business, household, commercial and industrial markets. Epson is committed to providing customers all over the world with products that exceed their expectations and broaden their horizons. The protection of abnormal displacement of Jinan assay tensile testing machine is the following three steps: solution

Seiko Epson, located in Japan, is the core enterprise of Epson group. Epson group has 94 companies worldwide with more than 73000 employees. Epson is proud of its continuous contribution to the global environment and the community development in its region

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