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The equipment for producing gasoline from waste plastics came out

since the 1990s, the problem of "white pollution" in China has not been solved. As the world's fourth largest producer of plastic products, China widely uses plastic products in clothing, food, housing, transportation, use and other aspects, so the amount of plastic waste is huge, especially the plastic foam lunch boxes and the plastic packaging lined with household appliances. These plastic wastes are difficult to decompose, pollute the environment and destroy plant production, endangering the ecological balance of the earth and becoming white garbage. This requires that the testing experiment of the manufacturer should be carried out simultaneously with the production to detect anemia and diabetes

Beijing Chilong science and technology development company and Wuhan Hengxin Weiye science and Trade Co., Ltd. have conducted long-term research on the production of gasoline and diesel oil by catalytic cracking of waste plastics under atmospheric pressure according to the same characteristics of plastics and crude oil. They have successfully developed a new type of catalyst and thoroughly extruded the original equipment. With its clear functional transformation, the waste plastics can be successfully cracked under atmospheric pressure after adding a new type of catalyst, The oil production rate is more than 90%, which greatly reduces the cost and equipment investment. At present, the project has officially passed the fire protection test. The national petroleum product quality supervision and inspection center has tested the unleaded gasoline and diesel produced by the equipment according to the national standard, and all the tested items have reached the standard. The general station for quality supervision of mechanical products also tested the equipment, which proved that it fully met the requirements and allowed mass production. Therefore, Beijing Chilong science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Hengxin Weiye science and Trade Co., Ltd. have been accepted as member units by China Energy Conservation Association and China Environmental Protection Association

the advent of a new complete set of equipment for producing gasoline and diesel by catalytic cracking of waste plastics at atmospheric pressure has provided a new way to eliminate white pollution, and has had a far-reaching impact on the reuse of a large number of waste plastic packaging in China, which will surely create good social and economic benefits

the reason why Beijing Chilong science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Hengxin Weiye science and Trade Co., Ltd. have insisted on studying the project for a long time is that they have focused on the cheap raw material market and finished product market, which not only solves the problem of white pollution, benefits future generations, relieves the pressure of lack of energy (oil) resources, but also benefits the enterprise

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