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Equiinet uses the concept of region to realize network security for you

today, I want to introduce network security through the concept of region, which is called security region for short

generally, when the risk of users using new materials is reduced, the network of each company is a large safety area; Each local area within the company is also a security area

effective management and control of safe areas is very important and necessary for every company. We can imagine that if a company's network is exposed to the public or has security vulnerabilities, it will be attacked, such as the server is attacked, the system is stolen, etc. If there is no security policy configured among the departments of a company, and the departments can access each other, the security and privacy will be greatly reduced

let's describe in detail the application of Justina multiple security zones through a practical case

scene reproduction:

a company branch has an administrative department, a financial department and a technical support department; However, these departments are uniformly managed by the IT Department of the company headquarters

access requirements:

it management personnel need to be in the external management division

some companies do port mapping, but even though the port mapping restricts external personnel to access only through limited ports, criminals still have opportunities through these limited ports

some companies will build VPN dedicated lines, but the VPN dedicated lines are expensive. Most small and medium-sized enterprises are more concerned about cost performance

the finance department has full access to the administrative department and the technical support department; Administrative department and technical support department cannot access the finance department

for the above requirements, we can control access by dividing VLANs, but more detailed configuration requires routers or higher-level switches. For companies with limited budgets, we hope to have a multi-function all-in-one machine to realize all the above requirements at one time

justina uses multiple security zones to help customers achieve the above requirements. The details are as follows:

put the IP address of the IT administrator of the headquarters of the company into the security zone, such as the admin zone

put the financial department of the company's division in the finance area and the administrative department in the administration area. In terms of technology and process, the high concentration ceramic material particles are uniformly integrated into the fiber. For technical support, it is also necessary to observe that the oil delivery valve is placed in the technical support area

set corresponding permissions for each service application in each region, such as accept or reject

after the above configuration, it can be realized:

company network security, which can effectively prevent being attacked, stolen and beaten

the company's internal network management, and the visits between various divisions are orderly and do not exceed their authority

justina all-in-one machine meets the above two requirements, which not only helps customers save the cost of VPN dedicated lines and routers, but also achieves access security

justina multi security zone aims to divide each network into various zones, and then manage the services between the zones, so as to realize the access requirements between different zones

I believe that when you really use our Justina integrated communication all-in-one machine, you will like its multiple applications more and more. If you want to know about other powerful functions of Justina integrated communication all-in-one machine, please call the equiinet team. Equiinet team will provide you with a one-stop, cost-effective integrated communication solution to help you save money, worry and effort

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