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One size fits all is forbidden for equipment manufacturing industry to reduce production capacity.

"in the process of reducing production capacity, we should not cut across the board. We should increase the support for the equipment manufacturing industry, and strengthen the preservation of the core enterprises and technologies in the equipment manufacturing industry. We cannot easily expand and fall." So we recommended an environmental protection start-up company to connect with them, said Shi Jun, member of the association and deputy director of the Economic Committee

Shi Jun thinks that the excess capacity of the equipment manufacturing industry is very different from that of steel and coal. "At present, there are too many low-end machine tools in the world, and the supply of high-end machine tools cannot meet the demand. This reflects that the equipment manufacturing industry has a flash of excess capacity in the layout, but not in the whole industry. Shi Jun suggested that the equipment manufacturing industry should" maintain pressure "when expanding the capacity of the team when the raw material window is narrow, preserve the advanced machine tools and other equipment, grow the new equipment manufacturing industry, and further expand the development of new materials, Meet the needs of emerging equipment manufacturing industry

"the equipment manufacturing industry is the fundamental and top priority of the real economy. From the history of industrial economic growth, both the big industrial country and the powerful industrial country are big manufacturing countries and big equipment manufacturing countries. The growth of the manufacturing industry is related to the safety of national defense and the growth of many industries." To this end, Shi Jun proposed to resolutely support the manufacturing power and support the property of "equipment manufacturing industry producing equipment"; Increase the development of new information to meet the needs of emerging equipment manufacturing industry; Strengthening government and industry is only the tip of the iceberg for all investment: in the past 10 years, the five fangmeilan, namely, learning, research and application, are increasing their contact in the development of new materials and opening up the channel for manufacturing power

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