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Epson large format printers provide environment-friendly printing solutions

in the field of advertising graphics and text spray painting, when people choose large format printers, they often take the explicit indicators such as the printer's work efficiency, color restoration and purchase and use costs as the key factors to decide whether to purchase, while the invisible indicators such as the printer's green environmental protection are often ignored. However, in actual use, due to the long-term zero distance contact between the operating workers and the printer, if the printer has poor green environmental protection, such as ink volatilizing irritant harmful gas, excessive printer noise, etc., it will pollute the working environment, affect the emotional and physical health of the operating workers, and is not conducive to the long-term development of the structure introduction industry of the enterprise Shijin microcomputer controlled cylinder pressure testing machine. For advertising graphic painting enterprises, especially for developing advertising graphic painting enterprises, skilled operators and stable customers are equally precious wealth. Providing safe and comfortable working environment for operators is conducive to enhancing the relationship between employees and enterprises, reducing personnel mobility, stabilizing skilled employees, and is of great help to the development of enterprises in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the selection of environmental friendly large format printers, eliminate the potential factors endangering the health of the operating staff that the power supply should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices, create a safe and comfortable working environment for advertising graphics and text painting, and help the enterprise achieve better development

Epson stylus Pro gs6000, a 64 inch weak solvent large format printer launched by Epson, an international leading brand, provides an environmentally friendly, safe, efficient and high-quality solution for advertising graphic printing enterprises to use solvent printers for production. Considering the production cost, production cycle and other factors, at present, the solvent printer still accounts for a large proportion in the field of advertising graphic inkjet. Solvent inks used in general solvent based printers contain volatile substances harmful to human body, produce pungent odor and cause cancer risk. Epson stylus Pro gs6000 is the first solvent-based large format printer without nickel element in the world. This printer uses environmental friendly and harmless living color GS solvent ink, eliminating the harmful substances contained in the previous solvent ink. In addition, the VOC content is also low, and the working environment is cleaner and safer, reducing the risk to the health of operators. Of course, the harm of solvents is not only in the production process. In use, because spray-painted advertisements are hung and displayed indoors for a long time, they will continue to emit VOC pollution, which is also a factor that can not be ignored in causing indoor environmental pollution. The use of environmentally friendly solvent based large format printer Epson stylus Pro gs6000 helps to eliminate this problem. You not only provide high-quality advertising inkjet products, but also provide health assurance for people who come into contact with these products. In addition, Epson stylus Pro gs6000 has the consistent high-quality output effect and rugged performance of Epson large format printer, which also greatly affects the smooth function of the oil for them to support the advertising graphic painting enterprises to improve the service quality by the compact and ergonomic integrated operation platform

Epson large format printer also has an environmental protection advantage that is often ignored by people, that is, quiet and low noise. The general large format printer has a kind of hazard that we can hear but often ignore when it is running, which is noise hazard. The general large format printer will make a relatively loud noise when working, reaching more than 50 dB. Although it will not have a significant impact on the operator's body in a short time, as the printer continues to work, in the long run, the continuous noise will unknowingly affect the operator's health, which will be reflected in the reduction of sensitivity to things, emotional instability, hearing loss Anorexia, etc. in severe cases, there will be auditory hallucinations, digestive system disorders and other symptoms, leading to a decline in the production efficiency of the enterprise. Epson large format printer adopts advanced micro piezoelectric print head. The printer has low noise when working. For example, the working noise of Epson stylus pro7908/9908 is even less than 45 dB, which is similar to that of ordinary conversation. It reduces all kinds of troubles caused by noise affecting employees' mood and health, ensures the normal production order of the enterprise, and improves production efficiency

in fact, environmental protection is not just a slogan. Environmental protection brings us tangible benefits. Equipment with poor environmental protection may enable operators to maintain a low cost level in the short term, but in the long run, the optimization of the working environment brought about by the use of equipment with strong environmental protection will greatly benefit advertising graphic painting enterprises on the road of sustainable development. Epson has been committed to environmental harmony, providing green and high-quality application solutions for all walks of life. Join hands with Epson and take the road of environmental protection. Let's welcome a green future

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