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Epson Surepress digital label printer settled in India

Epson, a manufacturer of digital printing equipment, announced that Surepress l-4033a digital label printer will be installed in India

on June 30, 2011, Epson organized an industrial print revolution for its customers in the field of color printing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 70 media representatives and printing industry bosses witnessed that the short version digital label printing machine produces more high-resolution, wide range of colors, and environmental protection and energy saving technology has been paid attention to in the blow molding machine machinery industry

this is the first rigid polyurethane foam installed in Asia except Japan, which is thinner than other materials: it can be used as a comparison. Japan has installed 10 surepressl-4033a devices

this six color narrow width printing equipment uses the same type of micro voltage nozzle as Epson's existing large format printing equipment, and cooperates with a newly developed ink to directly print images onto paper or synthetic substrate without pretreatment or special coating. It can load the substrate size of mm

vasudevanlk, senior manager of Epson Asia Commercial and industrial printing department, said that the advantages of inkjet printing are not only speed, but also printing quality. If Indian printing enterprises intend to invest in short edition printing equipment, they need to be able to flexibly switch between flexo printing and digital printing without sacrificing printing quality

Yamamoto Hiraki, the director of Epson, emphasized in the interview that 15 1-inch (25.4mm) print head arrays can print images with an area of 914mmx330mm at one time, and the average printing speed is 5 square meters per minute

according to the requirements of printing quality and the type of substrate, the print head array can be expanded to four, six, eight or sixteen, which has reached the required printing quality. For maximum productivity, we want our customers to use four or six. Hiraki added. In the equipment demonstration, endo Koichi, chairman of Epson (Singapore), emphasized the engine of Surepress equipment, as well as its accuracy, robustness and durability

according to vasudevan, the operation and management, Surepress digital label printing machine launched during the ipex2010 exhibition is specially designed and developed for label manufacturers and large-scale product systems, which makes it possible to meet the progress requirements of structural engineering manufacturers and commercial printing enterprises. During the field demonstration, the device can be easily integrated into the existing digital workflow and can perform printing tasks on the existing substrate without pre coating

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