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The development trend of China's equipment manufacturing industry remained unchanged in 2015

the development trend of China's equipment manufacturing industry remained unchanged in 2015

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throughout the year, the growth rate of the added value of the machinery industry remained 2 percentage points ahead of the national industry, which still played a prominent role in the healthy development of the national economy and supporting the transformation of economic development

in 2014, under the situation that the growth of fixed asset investment gradually slowed down, the main growth indicators of the industry throughout the year maintained the level of the previous year, of which the operating revenue remained at the level of 10% and the profit growth rate reached more than 10%. The general trend of equipment price kept declining. Although the revenue scale kept growing, the profit growth continued to decline, and the annual inventory rose by $0.010/t (15180000 tons); South Africa to China 5.5 (6) USD 5/ton (15180000 tons); Iran to China 9.5 ⑴ 0.5 USD/ton (2 ⑶ 10000 tons) storage pressure increased significantly. By the end of the fourth quarter, the funds for finished products in the equipment manufacturing industry had reached 1.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.3% year-on-year. The growth rate was still much higher than the 8.9% level of main business income

the structural adjustment of equipment manufacturing industry is mainly the adjustment of product structure. Since 2014, the structural adjustment has risen from the key technology research and the construction of domestic industrial ecological chain to the stage of international market breakthrough, and has become an advantageous industry with international top competitiveness made in China. In 2014, the key industries with high-end equipment manufacturing, such as rail transit equipment with high-speed rail technology as the core, clean energy and renewable energy equipment with nuclear power technology breakthrough as the typical representative, along with a series of activities in China's domestic and foreign affairs, became the highlights and hot spots in China's leading the upgrading of manufacturing industry, expanding international economic and trade cooperation, and formulating regional economic development strategies

according to the deployment of the central economic work conference, in 2015, China will continue to implement the overall regional development strategy of developing the west, revitalizing the northeast, rising the middle and taking the lead in the East, focusing on the implementation of the three major strategies of the "the Belt and Road", coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the Yangtze River economic belt. At the beginning of 2014, the national development and Reform Commission proposed seven engineering packages of overall, basic and strategic significance to economic and social development, including major networking projects such as information, electricity, oil and gas, health care services for the elderly, ecological environmental protection, clean energy, grain and water conservancy, transportation, oil and gas and mineral resources guarantee projects. Especially in the fourth quarter, a number of transportation infrastructure projects such as railways and airports were approved, with a total investment of more than trillion yuan, It will bring huge market increment to the equipment manufacturing industry, and the pulling effect will appear this year

in addition, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Export Import Bank of China have issued several opinions on increasing different financing support for sensors used by major technical equipment through legal means to provide financing support for enterprises from the aspects of R & D and innovation capacity-building, technological transformation and industrialization, import and technology introduction, product export and enterprise "going global", enterprise merger and reorganization and other industrial chain links, The basic guarantee for the high-level opening-up of China's equipment manufacturing industry will be more powerful and effective, and the international market development is expected to enter a new stage

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