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Epson's innovative solutions in various fields of industrial robots appeared in the Industrial Expo and helped China's intelligent manufacturing. From November 7 to 11, the 19th China International Industrial Expo 2017 was successfully held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As an international industrial exhibition with the equipment manufacturing industry as the main body of exhibition and transaction, the Industrial Expo has become an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform for China's industrial field facing the world. At this Industrial Expo, many well-known robot manufacturers at home and abroad gathered together to comprehensively display the latest technologies and research achievements of industrial robots in different fields with the theme of innovation, intelligence and green. Epson, as a cultivator and promoter in the field of industrial robots, was also invited to exhibit

(Epson industrial robot booth)

from meeting the internal automation needs at first to the mature application of many efficient solutions in the industry, Epson accurately grasps the industrial development trend, deeply researches and develops new technologies in the field of industrial robots, and provides the latest technologies and efficient solutions for 3C, medical treatment, automobile manufacturing, food processing, new energy and other fields. It mainly adopts the precision high-pressure oil source as the power source solution, It can effectively replace labor, improve work accuracy, reduce enterprise operation costs, and solve the problems faced by users. It is favored by users

(Epson industrial robot scheme exhibition area)

in this exhibition, Epson shocked the 3C, medical and new energy fields with a large number of independently developed high-ease products and excellent solutions, with an exhibition area of more than 405 square meters and an unprecedented scale. It brought a new robot feast to the audience. It fully demonstrated the efficiency and convenience brought by Epson black technology to the 3C, medical and new energy fields, attracted the high attention of the industry and participants, and the exhibition site was very popular

(Epson industrial robot scheme exhibition site)

in the 3C exhibition area, Epson showed more than 8 easy-to-use products and 11 efficient solutions for precision assembly, dispensing, shell polishing and other industries. For example, N2 robot precision assembly dispensing solution, pressure sensing shell polishing solution, etc. with each solution, Epson is promoting the industry to move towards a more intelligent, efficient and convenient direction. It greatly helps customers to improve the production and processing rate, yield and product consistency, reduce the time for product line change, and flexibly respond to the production demand of small batch and multiple varieties of heterosexual originals, so as to effectively enhance customer value

(N2 robot precision assembly dispensing solution)

(pressure sensing shell polishing solution)

in the medical exhibition area, Epson has brought a new pressure sensing precision assembly solution and 3D visual flexible grasping solution for users in the medical industry. Among them, the R & D and manufacturing capacity of Keling large aircraft, a pressure sensing precision assembly solution, is an important symbol of the National Aviation level. It is applied to the precision assembly of fragile precision components such as medical product cameras. This solution is mainly composed of Epson c4-a601s/rc700 + pressure sensor + Epson vision. By realizing precise positioning through vision and precise force control with pressure sensors, the Epson industrial robot c4-a601s can easily achieve the level of manufacturing technology and overall strength, further improve the precision assembly and production of fragile precision components such as medical product cameras, ensure that the products can be accurately and closely fitted, effectively avoid product damage, improve production efficiency and yield, and improve product quality

(pressure sensing precision assembly solution)

3d visual flexible grasping solution is widely used in the medical field for medical material grasping. With the Epson clean six axis robot C4, which has a short cycle time and high repeated positioning accuracy, 3D vision can be configured to easily realize three-dimensional recognition and grasping of medical materials and irregular objects, even for mixed materials

in the new energy exhibition area, Epson has brought high stability, high efficiency and high flexibility solar series welding loading and unloading solutions, mini battery cold pressing loading and unloading demonstration solutions, modular industrial robot application teaching solutions, etc. The robot in the scheme has the advantages of easy installation, convenient movement and simple maintenance

in terms of loading and unloading of solar series welding, Epson's new SCARA all-in-one machine T3 realizes film placement and detection with the cooperation of Epson vision system PV1, improves production and processing efficiency and yield, and saves costs

(solution for loading and unloading of solar series welding)

in the demonstration of loading and unloading of mini battery cold pressing, Epson's new folding arm six axis robot N2 has the characteristics of small volume, one robot corresponds to multiple test boxes, no manual loading and unloading work is required, which saves personnel costs and ensures accurate and stable testing

(the loading and unloading scheme of mini battery cold pressing)

in terms of the modular industrial robot application teaching solution, it has the characteristics of strong flexibility and high applicability. The Epson six axis robot C4 in the scheme can realize constant pressure processing under the action of the pressure sensor to ensure the quality of grinding and deburring. In addition, the company's sales revenue has reached a very considerable $50.2 billion, and the work path setting is very convenient, You can import 3D model generation, or manually drag the grinding head and record the track. The robot system in this scheme not only includes the basic applications of robot grasping, handling, stacking, trajectory simulation and other functions, but also includes visual detection, tracking and other functions. The modular design makes each module an independent unit with its own air circuit and circuit layout. Customers can increase or decrease modules or freely match them according to their needs

(modular industrial robot application teaching solution)

in the Epson exhibition area, the integrated display of multi exhibits, multi technologies and multi solutions attracted the attention of the industry and aroused the high attention of the participants. In this exhibition, the efficient solutions brought by Epson industrial robots have been used in production and manufacturing by users to meet their needs. As one of the most influential and professional outstanding robot manufacturers in the world, Epson will not forget its original intention, take provincial, small and refined technology as the core, and adhere to the development strategy of science and technology + localization. Epson will continue to explore the most cutting-edge, more efficient and more applicable advanced robot technology and industry application solutions, promote the development of the robot industry and help China's intelligent manufacturing

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