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You have to understand the knowledge of refined wood craftsman solid wood ecological board when buying boards for decoration

as people have higher and higher requirements for decoration and environmental protection, people also take environmental protection as the standard when purchasing materials. The main features of the eco board are beautiful appearance, environmental protection, and not easy to be scratched, so it is deeply loved by consumers

today, the panel editor of the top ten brands of China's fine wood craftsman will explain the characteristics of solid wood ecological boards and the purchasing skills of solid wood ecological boards

first of all, the refined wood craftsman's plate editor wants to explain the characteristics of solid wood ecological board

1. Make full and effective use of wood

in order to reduce the damage of natural ecology and save the use of wood, the core of the board is basically replaced by solid wood, and then processed according to the process, reducing wood waste and promoting ecological sustainable development

2. Paint free, easy disassembly and assembly

in the sense of environmental protection, this material is very good. It basically does not use paint, and the connecting plates are made of metal accessories, which makes it easy to build, easier to disassemble and assemble, greatly improves the decoration progress, and reduces unnecessary decoration costs

3. Various decoration styles

its characteristic is that it has many designs and colors. It can make basic modern styles, Chinese, European and so on. You can choose a variety of decoration styles

4. The shape is stable and not easy to deform

generally, ordinary solid wood panels are not specially treated, which are vulnerable to the impact of the environment and may deform seriously. However, eco board furniture treated with special processes is not easy to deform and has a more stable effect

now the refined wood craftsman panel editor wants to introduce the purchasing skills of solid wood ecological board:

1. Hope

first of all, when choosing such a material, its shape must be carefully watched, such as whether its surface is bright and flat. If so, it means that the quality of the board is good. If it is found that the surface has bubbles, bumps The panel whose edges are not bonded tightly and lead to large gaps is unqualified. Finally, we will see whether this plate has the seal and inspection mark of the quality inspection department

2. Smell

we should also pay attention to the identification of smell. This is a method that can determine whether it is good or bad. Generally, the smell of good boards is relatively light log smell, which does not smell pungent. If we smell other pungent smells, it shows that the chemical substances inside the ecological board exceed the standard, and such an ecological board is not good

3. Ask

generally, we need to know the information of environmental protection and chemical substance content from the manufacturer. For example, chemical substance content will have inspection reports, which are judged according to this, and there are also equivalent restrictions. According to international standards, the environmental protection level is generally divided into three levels: E0, E1 and E2. These levels mainly reflect the emission of formaldehyde, which are E2 ≤ 5mg/l. For each kilogram of plate, the emission of E2 level formaldehyde is less than or equal to 5mg; E1 ≤ 1.5mg/l, the emission of E1 grade formaldehyde is less than or equal to 1.5 mg; E0 ≤ 0.5mg/l, and the formaldehyde emission of E0 level is less than or equal to 0.5 mg

4. Cut

this method is to directly use the method of touch to feel the flatness of its surface and whether its texture is smooth with our human skin. Finally, press the ecological board with your hand, mainly to test its density. If the density is high, it will not deform naturally

the above are the characteristics and purchasing skills of solid wood ecological boards collected by the top ten brands of Chinese board craftsmen and board editors. I'm sure you all know them now. Finally, I want to remind you that decoration is a big event. Buy boards for home decoration. I recommend the brand of fine craftsman in the top ten brands. The environmental protection levels are E0, E1, and net aldehyde series

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