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The latest fashion design is coming! Want to have big space; To solve the contradiction between limited space and double items; Should practicality coexist with appearance? Then, we should learn to store and store things skillfully. In this issue, we will introduce the latest fashion design of 2011 to trendsetters

part1: design &mdash& mdash; The living room is also called the living room. It is the place where the host meets the guests, and it is also the facade of the house. Small family living room design, to make rational use of space, optimize the layout

highlights: to solve the contradiction between limited space and double items, we must learn to store and store skillfully. We need to have a basic idea for the layout planning of the living room: reasonably select and layout large pieces of furniture such as TV cabinets and bookcases, and make full use of them to help store items; At the same time, small storage tools can also be used with large furniture to increase the space utilization rate

highlights: bright lighting is a trick to make the small living room bigger. Here, in addition to the chandelier above the living room as the main light source, there is also a white floor lamp beside the sofa as the reading light source, and there is also a desk lamp on the locker behind the sofa

small tips for living room layout:

1 Pay attention to rational shopping, make good use of your brain, don't be greedy for small and cheap impulse shopping, and don't buy too many accessories suitable for the occasion. The occasional blank space can set off the main atmosphere

2. To control the use of large furniture: use less large wine cabinets, TV cabinets, etc., in order to purify the division of space. If large furniture is in great need, it is better to put it in the corner

3. The decorative cloth should be properly used to create a warm home space. For example, the fabric hanging from the ceiling can not only effectively separate the space, but also expand the space by pulling up the curtain when not in use

part2: design &mdash& mdash; Restaurants

as long as you have enough imagination and action, you can create a new world in small family restaurants in small places. Reverse the small family restaurant, let the psychological satisfaction go beyond the monotonous dining function, and create a small family restaurant territory of your own style. Happiness is the most important principle for building a small family restaurant. A beautiful small family restaurant environment is more important than form

highlights: bright yellow always makes people feel bright in front of their eyes. Compress the kitchen, expand the space of the restaurant, make such a sweet space to share with your family bigger and bigger, and let her or him who cooks have more communication with you

highlights: the flexibility in the kitchen should be both beautiful and practical, and the storage positions of various tools should be sorted out to be visually pleasing. The shelves on the wall make the kitchen with a narrow area make the most effective use of the configuration of space. If you make good use of it, you can get a better effect in both display and storage

small tips for restaurant layout:

1 The restaurant should be comfortable and close to the appetite. Dining itself has the meaning of communication and entertainment. Now when eating at home, even if there are guests, they are relatives and friends, so they are quite casual, intimate, equal and democratic. It's not a formal banquet, nor is it a rush of fast food. Such a meal should be quite casual

2. The sitting height of the chair should make people lean back slightly when sitting, rather than sitting upright or rushing forward. When sitting down, you should feel comfortable and relaxed, not nervous. The height of the table should make it easy for the arms to move, and there is no barrier to people's line of sight. Cups, bowls and dishes should be under the sight, not hinder the communication of sight. Generally speaking, the height of our dining table should be less than 70cm

part3: design &mdash& mdash; Kitchen

small family kitchens mainly refer to kitchens with an area of less than 6 square meters. This kind of kitchen only considers the function of preparing meals. A few can use movable shelves to make simple dining areas. One of the overall principles of decoration is simplicity. The style should not be messy, and the modern style of straight lines is the best choice. The color can be high-profile or elegant, but the color must be single


the smaller the kitchen, the easier it is to give people the feeling of clutter. That's because there is not enough storage space, and all things have to be placed outside. However, in a small kitchen, some elastic storage spaces are precious. Make good use of them, and the effect may be very different. For example, you can install a wall shelf between the ground cabinet and the hanging cabinet, place the disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, or install laminates, hooks, storage plates, cups, condiment bottles, shovels, spoons, so as to avoid them occupying the cabinet table


generally speaking, small family kitchens should not be colorful in the overall color arrangement. Pay special attention not to use decorative materials printed with three-dimensional patterns or strong light and dark contrast, otherwise the kitchen area will not only appear narrow visually, but also not easy to clean. The most ideal hue is monochromatic, light color, white, light gray or bright cream, light blue, etc. are good choices. It is not only lively, but also has the effect of expanding the sense of space. The colors that appear in the closed kitchen are usually decorative small ornaments. For example, in the design of the guard board, a colorful ceramic tile or some small mosaics are used to activate the slightly dull space

part4: design &mdash& mdash; Bedroom

the functions of the bedroom are only two: rest and storage. It doesn't seem cramped to complete these two functions at the same time in a small space, which requires some thought. If the room type is not ideal, a room with multiple applications and other constraints, the development of space is a real challenge for the owners

highlights: integrate the work room, study and guest room. At the beginning of decoration, the function and purpose of each room should be carefully considered, so that the designer can seamlessly install the bed in the locker. This will not add an idle room to a small room, but also have an independent study

highlights: abandon the storage function and let the bedroom exist only for sleeping and rest. The owner of this family is very smart. In the only 6 square meter cabin, a small bed is made against the wall. The large drawer under the bed can be easily stored. Books and records are placed on the shelf on the wall, making the bedroom a rich entertainment and relaxation space

small tips for bedroom layout:

1 Built in storage space. If you want to have a large space, you'd better not use traditional methods. They often occupy one wall or even more, and different heights are also easy to occur, especially taboo in small spaces. Using the built-in space of the wall without too many traces on the outside is a wise choice

2. Multifunctional furniture. One thing with multiple functions and one space with multiple functions are the basic requirements. Those furniture that can be used as both sofa and bed, desk and bookcase are the basic elements to create such a function. You can also use the top of the low cabinet and drawer cabinet as the desktop. In this way, the feeling of emptiness naturally arises

kitchen layout tips:

1 The design of the kitchen should be in harmony with the hall. First, the style should be unified. If the hall is light and bright, the cabinet should also be dominated by a bright and fresh style; The second is to coordinate the colors. If the hall decoration and furniture are in warm colors, the cabinets had better have the same main color; Third, the style matching should be consistent. If the hall pursues a concise and smooth modern style, the cabinet should also choose a simple and generous design

2. Color and light. Generally speaking, the kitchen with large space and sufficient lighting can use light absorbing colors, that is, cool colors, low brightness and low chromaticity. On the contrary, the kitchen with small space and insufficient lighting is suitable for reflective colors with warm colors, high lightness and large color

part5: design &mdash& mdash; Bathroom

for small houses, the requirements for bath comfort cannot be reduced because the bathroom is small. If the bathroom can only accommodate the shower room or bathtub, as long as the technology can be achieved, it is not impossible to transfer the hand washing area to other spaces. Areas are artificially divided, so it also varies from person to person

part5: dwelling design &mdash& mdash; Bathroom

for small houses, the requirements for bath comfort cannot be reduced because the bathroom is small. If the bathroom can only accommodate the shower room or bathtub, as long as the technology can be achieved, it is not impossible to transfer the hand washing area to other spaces. Areas are artificially divided, so it also varies from person to person

highlights: if you want to maximize the rational use of the bathroom, it is also a good choice to choose finished bathroom furniture, because usually their design will be more comprehensive for consumers, and what you need to do is to choose furniture with additional functions according to your own needs

in the small bathroom, the owner can choose the rotating integral mirror cabinet. Not only can the reflection of the mirror on the light be used to obtain the effect of extending the space visually, but also the shelf on the back of the mirror is very practical, which can place some bath supplies or serve as a storage

small tips are arranged in the bathroom:

1 Popular nowadays “ Anion ” Air, you can raise some shade loving plants, and you can also buy an oxygen bar brick. An oxygen bar brick similar to a mural can play the same role as plants in refreshing the air without taking care of it. You can also decorate the bathroom, making it “ Oxygen bar ”, You might as well try it

2. There are many kinds of air fresheners on the market. You can choose them according to your preferences. Just imagine how relaxed and comfortable it will be when the guests use bathroom equipment in the elegant fragrance and the long music comes from their ears at the same time. In addition, the simplest way to purify the air in the bathroom is to put a cup of vinegar or a box of uncovered cooling oil in the bathroom, and the odor will naturally disappear





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