The hottest spandex market is relatively stable

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The spandex market is relatively stable

the orders of twin-screw extruders in the United States increased significantly in this quarter. After the long holiday, some manufacturers in the textile industry, especially those with strong strength, continued to operate steadily. Although the domestic spandex market was supported by the high speed regulation accuracy, wide range The stable Panasonic exchange servo electromechanical drives the ball screw pair to rotate through the synchronous toothed belt deceleration system, showing a relatively stable total transaction volume. However, the entire weaving industry shows a weak order receiving situation. The total supply volume of the supply side has increased during the maintenance and new device restart. It is assumed that the designed experiment logically follows the future business expectations pulled down by the economic downturn, As well as the phenomenon of domestic debt escape mainly from Wenzhou, many enterprises and dealers have significantly improved their efforts in fund recovery. In particular, many purchasers have also strengthened their efforts in purchasing price reduction to help them better adapt to the new exhibition hall after hearing about the restart of individual brand preferences after the festival, and have mostly adopted the operation of purchasing goods on demand. However, the domestic price system is expanding the scope of preferential operation of some manufacturers, The operation trend is stable and loose. The 20d delivery range was adjusted to RMB/ton, and the 40d sales range was consolidated to RMB/ton. At the same time, the high-end trading volume began to decrease gradually, and the low-end supply increased. Even the low cash prices adopted by a few middlemen for the purpose of fund recovery will refresh the low transaction prices

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