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PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas field produced 700million cubic meters of gas in the first quarter. In the first quarter, PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas field focused on "increasing reserves and production, reducing costs and increasing efficiency", refined objectives and tasks, took effective measures, paid close attention to work implementation, and achieved new breakthroughs in oil and gas exploration. By the end of March, 747.3 million cubic meters of natural gas had been produced, an increase of 40million cubic meters compared with last year; 5522 tons of crude oil were produced, 28% of the annual plan; The drilling footage was 320000 meters, an increase of 10000 meters compared with last year

in the first quarter of this year, the southwest oil and gas field made a new breakthrough in the exploration work in Sichuan Basin, which opened up the scene of Sichuan and reduced the error in the basin with the increase of load. It achieved a major breakthrough, a major discovery, a major progress and an important sign. A major breakthrough: a major breakthrough has been made in the Xuwu member of the Western Sichuan depression. Xinye HF-2 well was successfully produced in the fifth member of Xuzhou formation in Western Sichuan depression, with a daily output of 35000 cubic meters. In order to build a new position for large-scale production, scientific researchers made a comprehensive evaluation from four aspects: sedimentation, reservoir, fracture development and removability, and preliminarily established a comprehensive multi parameter geological standard for the fifth member of Xuzhou formation in Western Sichuan exploration area. A major discovery: a major discovery was made in the exploration of Shaximiao Formation in Chengdu depression. Well Chongzhou 1 and well Majing 27 have obtained industrial gas flow in Shaximiao formation, and well Pixian 3 has seen good oil and gas display in Shaximiao formation, revealing that Chongzhou Pixian Shaximiao formation has great exploration potential and all human organs. A major progress: great progress has been made in Jurassic exploration on the eastern slope of Western Sichuan depression. Zhongjiang 16h well and Gaomiao 32 well were produced in Shaximiao formation, and Yongtai 1 well was produced in Da'anzhai section of Ziliujing formation respectively, becoming an important position for further exploration in shallow and middle layers. One important sign: important signs were obtained from continental risk exploration in Zitong sag. Important oil and gas shows have been found in the Ziliu well cluster of Mianyang well 1, which shows a good exploration prospect for the Ziliu well cluster and xusi member in Zitong sag, Mianyang

southwest oil and gas fields have applied new exploration and development processes and technologies, strengthened on-site supervision and management, dynamic tracking management of exploration process and scheme optimization, ensured the exploration progress and development quality of oil and gas fields, improved exploration and development benefits, and made new breakthroughs in oil and gas exploration. In Xinchang Shaximiao gas reservoir, 7 development wells were deployed by infilling, adjusting and perfecting the wells in the local well areas of JS22 and js24, and 4 wells were drilled, all of which saw good natural gas display. Among them, in the 703m horizontal section of Xinsha HF well and the horizontal section of Xinsha HF well, the sandstone penetration rate reached 100%. The two wells obtained a daily gas production of 33000m3 and 28000m3 respectively, laying a foundation for stable production in the old area of West Sichuan gas field, In addition, the fifth member of Xujiahe formation of xinye-2 well has achieved a daily natural gas output of 30000 cubic meters through staged sand fracturing of horizontal wells, making a major breakthrough in shale gas in Western Sichuan. In the new Pengsi formation in Xinma Shifang area, the high-yield industrial oil and gas flow was obtained by installing pull (pressure) force sensor peng404 well drilling in Ma Yi, which laid the foundation for further evaluation of new formation gas reservoirs in this area. In the first quarter of this year, 47 new wells were put into operation in West Sichuan gas field, an increase of 28 over last year. The daily gas transmission capacity of new wells was 542000 cubic meters, an increase of 50% over the same period of last year, creating a new rate of capacity construction over the years. While great breakthroughs have been made in Western Sichuan, important progress has also been made in exploration in other fields. Through the comprehensive test of well Yuanlu 17 in Yuanba exploration area of Northeast Sichuan, the gas production capacity of well Yuanlu 17 is determined. The ELV management requirement of 95.5m oil layer in 17 layers of Yuanlu 702 well requires all-round gas display for automobile related enterprises. The drilling cycle is 135.49 days, 53 days ahead of the design, and five new construction records have been set

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