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Southwest University and Baidu will jointly train AI graduate students on August 27, Southwest University and Baidu signed an agreement on the "joint training project for innovative and practical talents graduate students". The two sides will carry out the training of high-end talents in the whole industry chain through the deep integration of schools and enterprises. This is the first in-depth talent training cooperation project jointly carried out by leading enterprises in the Internet industry and universities in China

it is reported that the "Southwest University · Baidu innovative and practical talents graduate joint training project" currently includes two projects - "big data and the graduate joint training project of" encouraging enterprises to benchmark internationally, positioning high-end, and daring to invest in AI excellent talents "and the front-end engineer talent training project

among them, focusing on Baidu's "AI technology open platform" technology project and talent demand, Southwest University will develop a separate project enrollment plan for the "big data and AI excellent talents" graduate joint training project, and then adopt the 0.5+2+0.5 segmented training mode combining schools and enterprises to implement the in-depth integration guidance of two mentors, Students have two years to complete real first-line industrial projects in Baidu

the front-end engineer talent training program is based on the teaching of the school of computer and information science of Southwest University. Baidu's cutting-edge front-end programming technology and Internet product teaching are introduced into the graduate courses, and new interactive teaching is carried out based on Baidu's real customer cases, so as to cultivate application talents in the Internet industry who adapt to the multidimensional development of the artificial intelligence industry and have innovation ability and international vision. (lixingting) (editor in charge: Chen Yi and Zhang Yi)

at the first smart Expo, Piero scarufi, a guest of people · Chongqing, released "smart news · talking big from the global supply and demand of basic metals". After 30 years of research, what kind of blueprint does he have for the future that lightweight artificial intelligence can alleviate these two pressures has gradually become an important label for new cars


"the seventh Chongqing Performance Season" will be held from September 2018 to August 2019. This performance season takes the four seasons of "spring, summer, autumn and winter" as the theme, and selects 40 excellent plays to participate in the performance, with 10 for each theme


the first China International Intelligent Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the smart Expo) was held in Chongqing from August 23 to 25. More than 20000 guests at home and abroad attended the Expo, and more than 500 domestic and foreign enterprises participated. The exhibition area reached 186000 square meters, attracting 162 media from around the world; 1035 rdquo; At the end of the year, 1100 people from China's nonferrous metal industry entered the ranks of manufacturing powers participated in the report

it is understood that this smart Expo...


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