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Space reflective thermal insulation coating launched in Beijing

an energy-efficient space reflective thermal insulation coating. Recently, it was launched by Beijing Guobang technology development center

this reflective thermal insulation coating is developed based on the heat transfer mechanism of space vehicles. It is composed of tiny ceramic particles suspended in 1. It is free from heavy impact in the use process and handling process. It has high reflectivity, high emissivity, low thermal conductivity, low heat storage coefficient and other thermal properties. As long as gaozhiqiang, vice chairman and general manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and aerospace Haiying (Zhenjiang) special materials Co., Ltd., said that coating with 0.3-0.5mm coating on the surface can effectively inhibit the solar radiation heat and infrared radiation heat of objects at normal temperature in the open air, the inhibition efficiency is about 90%, and the surface temperature can be reduced by up to 20 ℃; Restrain the heat radiation and heat loss of high-temperature objects, and reduce the heat loss by more than 30%; At the same time, it can also restrain the loss of cooling capacity caused by solar radiation heat and environmental radiation heat of low-temperature objects, and prevent condensation

it is also inconvenient to take and place the sample. As we all know, the solar surface temperature is as high as about 5800 ℃, and 1-3 of the total amount of solar radiant heat is concentrated in the visible light part, considering the comprehensive cost and performance. It can be seen that the space reflective thermal insulation coating can effectively return about 90% of the visible light and infrared heat in the sunlight to the atmosphere by reflection and radiation under the sunlight. It has excellent thermal insulation function and remarkable energy-saving effect

reflective thermal insulation coating not only can effectively insulate heat, but also has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, UV aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt fog resistance and other properties. It can be widely used in construction, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, light textile, storage, transportation, aerospace and other industries. It is an environmental friendly water-based functional coating that replaces the traditional domestic thermal insulation materials

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