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Southwest Futures: the fuel oil fell sharply, waiting for the market to evolve.

today, the fuel oil fell sharply. In the main month of 0809, the highest was 5326, the lowest was 5083, and closed at 5180 in the afternoon. The national development and Reform Commission announced that the price of domestic refined oil would be raised from now on. After raising the price of refined oil, the operating rate of refineries would be increased, and the output of fuel oil would increase. Pressured by this news, fuel oil fell rapidly after the opening; At the same time, refill oil and exhaust gas. As the national development and Reform Commission announced that the electricity price would be increased from July 1, the power plant would also purchase a large amount of fuel oil to ensure the power generation. This news also supported the recovery of fuel oil price from the low level. At present, the quotation of huataixing in the spot new high-performance plastic manufacturer market is still maintained at 5250 Use a level instrument with an accuracy of 0.10/1000mm to find ± 1 grid. It is suggested that low-level bulls in the early stage can be held temporarily pending the evolution of the market

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