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The Chinese weightlifting team has always been the major champion of our delegation in the Olympic Games, so it has also attracted people's attention and expectation. Recently, it was reported that the first batch of Chinese weightlifting team members have arrived in Rio. Due to the previous training in Sao Paulo, the time difference and physical fitness have been adjusted almost, so the overall state is good, but the competition venue is still being decorated, which is worrying

the Chinese weightlifting team is preparing for the Olympics

this morning, the first batch of Chinese weightlifting team members arrived in Rio, stayed in the Olympic Village, and officially began their journey to compete in the Rio Olympics

on the 24th of last month, the Chinese weightlifting team flew to Sao Paulo and settled in the Chinese team training camp. Due to the long schedule of the Olympic weightlifting, the Chinese team will set out in two batches, with the first batch of three players participating in the small-scale competition. They are Li Yajun, a woman in the 53kg class, long Qingquan, a Beijing Olympic champion and a man in the 56kg class, and Chen Lijun, a man in the 62kg class. The rest of the team will continue to train in Sao Paulo until August 6, and then start the journey of the Rio Olympics. Since Hou Zhihui of the women's weightlifting 48 kg class missed the Olympics, she will not come to Rio with the team and return directly to Beijing from Sao Paulo

at the training camp in Sao Paulo, the Chinese team has adjusted their jet lag and physical fitness. In Rio, as long as they maintain their state and adapt to the venue. When staying in the Olympic Village, the team members said that the food and housing conditions were good, and “ There is no need to be a repairman &rdquo

yesterday, the reporter visited the weightlifting venue of the Rio Olympic Games. The overall color of the pavilion is green, which looks very refreshing. However, the decoration of the venue is somewhat worrying. Although the women's 48kg weightlifting competition will be held on the first day of the Olympic Games, the weightlifting venue is still in the state of decoration, leaving little time for the organizers





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