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With the introduction of the new policy of provident fund loans, many people choose provident fund loans for housing decoration while buying houses with loans. Then, do you know the process of handling MPF decoration loans

I. The lender submits a loan application

1. For the purchase of commercial housing and affordable housing, while signing the purchase contract with the house selling unit, the lender receives the approval form for housing provident fund loan application from the house selling unit, fills in the form and prepares relevant materials to determine the loan amount

2. For the construction and overhaul of self owned housing, the loan application shall be handled at the housing provident fund management center of the city with the approval documents of the land and planning management department

3. Those who purchase private houses with full property rights (i.e. second-hand houses) should apply to the replacement Guarantee Co., Ltd

II. Sign the loan contract through examination and approval

1. The housing sales unit or guarantee company shall submit the lender's information together with the purchase contract, the receipt of the first payment and other materials to the municipal housing provident fund management center for examination and approval

2. After the certificates and materials submitted by the lender are examined and approved, the loan applicant hereby signs a decoration contract with the decoration company and submits the original of the contract to the bank

3. Then sign the "loan contract" and go through relevant procedures such as contract notarization and collateral insurance

III. sign a secured loan contract

1. For the purchase of commercial housing and affordable housing built by the developer who signed the housing provident fund loan cooperation agreement with the center, the developer shall undertake the phased joint and several liability guarantee for the lender before the house is formally mortgaged

2. Those who purchase second-hand houses with property right certificates and land certificates should go directly to the mortgage Department of the municipal real estate trading center to handle mortgage registration, and take relevant procedures to the property right registration and certification center to handle other house ownership certificates

3. The guarantee company shall bear the guarantee responsibility for the purchase of second-hand housing with property right certificate and no land certificate

IV. through the bank's examination and lending

1. After the bank completes the loan guarantee procedures or takes in the certificate of other rights of real estate, it will go through the lending procedures

2. The bank is entrusted by the lender to transfer the loan to the bank designated by the decoration company to open an account in the name of paying the decoration money at the time agreed in the loan contract

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